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The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) distributed multi-purpose cash grants to 133 families whose houses were destroyed by a massive fire on January 29, 2019 in SitioDepensa, Barangay Capunitan in Orion,Bataan.

True to its aphorism, “when the world no longer watches, we do what must be done,” the PRC returned to the fishing village that was razed to the ground almost eight months ago to give cash grants to the affected families. The cash distribution was held at St. Michael Archangel Parish in Orion, Bataan on September 10, 2019.

“We never left. We will be here until they recover. PRC has been with these families from the very beginning. Hot meals were served to 1,000 evacuees, basic household items were distributed to 350 families and psychosocial support and hygiene promotion were also provided to 300 individuals, right after the incident. Currently, P3,000 is allotted for each of the 133 families to support for their basic needs. These families are still in the evacuation center months after that tragic incident”, said Chairman and CEO Richard Gordon.The cash allocation was made possible in partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

The event was organized by the Disaster and Management Services (DMS) headed by its Director Leonardo Ebajo in cooperation with the PRC- Bataan Chapter volunteers and staff.

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) received a 124,067,000 million peso humanitarian contribution from Bloomberry Cultural Foundation Inc. (BCFI) to support PRC’s Dialysis Samaritan Program, 2019 Safe Bood for All and the Capacity Enhancement of the PRC Olongapo Chapter.

“Their donation will surely go a long way in helping the most vulnerable and further strengthening PRC’s humanitarian efforts to uplift human dignity”, said Chairman and CEO Richard Gordon.

The cash grant will be used to sponsor a complete kidney dialysis and care treatment plan for indigent patients with kidney failure, provide indigent and charity patients better access to safe and quality blood, and for the procurement of equipment to enhance the capacity of the Blood Center and Communications Center of the PRC Olongapo Chapter.

The turn over ceremony was attended by BCFI President Donato Almeda, BCFI Executive Director Filipiniana Laureana, Regulatory Affairs Officer Atty. Ellan Mark Pailan, PRC National Blood Services (NBS)Director Dr. Monina Nalupta, and PRC Governor Carissa Coscolluela on September 11 at the 5th Floor of the Senate of the Philippines, Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City.

PRC’s Hemodialysis Center has already performed 1,161 treatments for indigent patients since its operation started on February 11, 2019. The National Blood Services dispensed 244,052 units of blood from January to mid-September of 2019 alone.

PRC Olongapo Chapter is one of the more aggressive chapters and needs equipment to increase its capability to react and respond to emergency situations.

The Philippine Red Cross is always committed to reach out to the helpless and to the most vulnerable.

WASHINGTON, US – The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) is awarded the coveted Measles and Rubella Initiative (M&RI) Champion Award during the annual M&RI Partners Meeting on Sept. 11 to 12 for PRC’s successful efforts to address the measles outbreak that struck the country earlier this year.

The M&RI, a global coalition between the American Red Cross, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United Nations Foundation, UNICEF, and World Health Organization, recognized PRC for utilizing community and partners to provide strategic work on measles response activities.

These activities include PRC’s three-pronged approach to the measles outbreak—alleviate the congestion in public hospitals by setting up emergency medical tents, mass vaccination programs in barangay level, and a massive information campaign on the need for and benefits of vaccination.

With the theme “Measles Move Fast, We Must Move Faster,” the annual M&RI partners meeting provides opportunities to share lessons learned, improve coordination, and benefit from new developments in the mission to eliminate measles and rubella globally.

Chairman Richard Gordon said the award mirrors PRC’s success in countering the measles outbreak, which also resulted in restoring the Filipino people’s trust in vaccination.

“The Red Cross played a crucial role in regaining the public’s trust in vaccination. We are extremely grateful for this award, but we know that the battle against measles is far from over. We commit to advocate for continued vaccination and create dialogue in communities to ensure that the welfare of their people is being looked after,” Gordon said.

The award was received by PRC Secretary General Elizabeth Zavalla and PRC Health Services Head Mark Abrigo. Attended by around 130 participants from 30 international organizations, PRC Chairman & CEO, Sen. Richard Gordon is represented by PRC Secretary General Ms. Elizabeth Zavalla and Health Service Manager Mr. Mark Alvin Abrigo. PRC was also given the opportunity to present its accomplishments and approaches to the Measles Outbreak in the Philippines in one of the presentations during the meeting.

According to the Department of Health (DOH), the measles outbreak in the country affected 38,939 individuals, resulting in 529 deaths.

Since the offset of the outbreak, PRC has administered vaccines to 16,956 children in most vulnerable areas and assisted 3,735 patients through its six measles care units.

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) has advanced farther in its goal of breaking boundaries among girls and young women who experience challenges posed by social stereotypes and misconception on menstruation.

PRC and Johnson and Johnson, the company behind Modess, officially launched a partnership that aims to reach out to 500,000 students from over 400 schools nationwide by educating them on proper menstrual hygiene.

“Young women experience difficulties because of lack of knowledge on menstrual hygiene. It bars them from doing what they have to do. Children often skip classes because they are scared of being teased. It is important that everyone will be properly educated—boys and girls alike,” PRC Secretary General Elizabeth Zavalla said.

Under the partnership, PRC and Modess will visit schools to hold dialogues and activities to create normalcy and supportive environment for women and girls.

Among the challenges that will be addressed are lack of information, cultural taboos, and anxiety.

“It is our duty to help people understand menstruation. Our partnership with PRC aims to end stigma that had haunted women for years. Together, we want girls to be comfortable,” Raghu Krishnan, President and Managing Director of Johnson and Johnson, said.

The partnership launch was part of Modess’ Move Camp 2019, a gathering of young Filipinos who call for an end to stigma, led by celebrity ambassadors Maymay Entrata, Bella Racelis, Hazel Quing, Kianna Dy, Jai Asuncion, and Agassi Ching.

PRC, through its Water Sanitation and Hygiene Unit, has been actively promoting menstrual hygiene management in schools, communities, and disaster-stricken areas.

Last May, PRC conducted nationwide community-based activities that highlight the need for collaborative action to mainstream menstrual education.

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC)’s dengue epidemic response operations received a major boost with a P1 million grant from GT Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Metrobank Group.

Chairman Richard Gordon said the timely contribution enables PRC to reach more communities affected by the dengue epidemic, which has now taken 958 lives and infected 229,736 individuals.

“We have a long-standing partnership with the Metrobank Group that mirrors our shared commitment to alleviate the suffering of the people. Thank you, Metrobank and GT Foundation, for once again trusting us. This is for our country that is now facing a crisis due to dengue,” Gordon said.

PRC will utilize the funds to further implement its three-point strategy against dengue epidemic: decongest hospitals by setting up medical tents; ensure supply of quality and adequate blood; and, conduct massive information and cleanup drives through its 104 chapters nationwide.

To date, PRC has assisted 3,231 patients through its 10 medical tents in most affected hospitals in Iloilo, Capiz, Aklan, Cavite, and Iligan. PRC also dispensed 330 blood products for patients with dengue hemorrhagic cases.

Metrobank Group, as PRC’s institutional partner, has collaborated with the organization in reaching out to disaster-stricken communities and expanding its capacity.

During Gordon’s birthday last August, the Metrobank Foundation donated P200,000 to support the PRC ambulance Samaritan program.

PRC also received P2.4 million, which represented the proceeds of Metrobank Group’s appeal to donate to the organization in lieu of flowers for the late philanthropist Dr. George SK Ty.

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) recognized 190 blood donation partners from Central Luzon for supporting the organization’s life-saving services.

During the PRC National Kadugo Awarding Ceremony, Chairman Richard Gordon expressed gratitude to blood donors and blood donation partners—noting that their commitment is beneficial to assist indigent Filipinos affected by dengue crisis, armed conflicts and catastrophic illnesses.

“We live in a very challenging time because of dengue. Your support enabled us to provide the blood needs in most affected communities. You give without counting the costs,” Gordon said.

The event recognized companies, organizations, and local government bodies from Bulacan, Bataan, Aurora, Pampanga, Zambales, Nueva Ecija, Olongapo, and Tarlac that supported the Red Cross’ blood programs by organizing mass blood donations.

This year’s Outstanding Blood Service Partners of the Year in Central Luzon, awarded to institutions that reached over 10 years of partnership with PRC, are Sanyo Denki Philippines, Inc., Subic Bay Freeport Chamber of Commerce, Provincial Government of Tarlac, Municipal Government Of Paniqui, and Tarlac State University.

Meanwhile, the Aurora Aragon Quezon Medal Award, one of the highest recognitions from PRC, was given to Vic Roel Ferrer, treasurer of the Nueva Ecija Chapter, for his “dedication and hard work in furthering the ideals of the Red Cross Movement.”

Since 2013, Ferrer has actively supported PRC in expanding the local Chapter’s capacity to respond to humanitarian challenges by establishing a partnership with Nueva Ecija Contractors Association, leading fundraising drives, and allocating personal resources to hold disaster relief activities.

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) on Friday honors top blood donors in Central Luzon for their contributions in the organization’s humanitarian missions.

A total of 190 organizations and companies from Bulacan, Bataan, Aurora, Pampanga, Zambales, Nueva Ecija, Olongapo, and Tarlac received citations, including top awards: Aurora Aragon-Quezon Award, Outstanding Blood Services Partner of the Year, and a set of special awards.

“Without all of you here, we will not be able to provide 52 percent of the blood needs in the country. Blood is always a necessity. We consider our blood donors as the lifeline of the people—they are the go-to people of this country,” Chairman Richard Gordon said.

Gordon added that blood donation is especially beneficial today as the country faces tough challenges brought by the dengue epidemic.

To date, PRC, in partnership with the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, has provided 330 units of blood to 119 patients with dengue hemorrhagic cases.

“The Red Cross is responding to the needs of the people with a strong sense of urgency. Aside from providing blood, we also deployed medical tents in most congested hospitals, and deployed as well, our community volunteers to conduct massive cleanup and information drives,” he added.

More blood facilities to open in Bulacan

PRC, as one of the top suppliers of blood needs in the Philippines, operates with 94 blood service facilities nationwide.

The organization also eyes new blood service facilities in 17 cities and provinces, including San Rafael, Bocaue, Marilao, and San Jose Del Monte in Bulacan.

Since January, PRC has served 230,833 units of blood to 136,481 patients.

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) shows no letup in addressing the dengue crisis as it deployed more medical tents and blood products to support communities with a high number of dengue cases.

Under the leadership of Chairman Richard Gordon, PRC has treated 1,055 patients through its eight emergency medical tents that serve as extension wards and fast lanes in Iloilo, Capiz, and Aklan.

The medical tents are installed at most overcrowded hospitals namely Balasan District Hospital, Sara District Hospital and Guimbal District Hospital in Iloilo; Tapaz District Hospital and Bailan District Hospital in Capiz; and Aklan Provincial Hospital.

PRC recently opened a 60-bed medical tent at the Pagamutang Bayan ng Dasmarinas in the Province of Cavite, where 3,277 dengue cases have been recorded.

“Tens of thousands of patients continue streaming into overcrowded hospital. All hands are on deck to address this deadly epidemic. We set up medical tents, augment the blood supply in most affected provinces, and put our ambulances on standby,” Gordon said.

Gordon also assured that PRC, with the support of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, remains on full alert to supply the blood needs amid the declaration of a national epidemic.

As of August 8, PRC has supplied 330 units of blood supplies to over a hundred patients with hemorrhagic complications from Iloilo and Aklan.

On Wednesday, PRC National Headquarters sent 85 units of frozen blood products to Tacloban and Palawan after it augment 165 blood units to Iloilo and Aklan.

‘Three-point strategy’

Gordon, who treats the dengue crisis as a “national emergency,” came up with a three-point strategy to address the dengue epidemic—deploy medical tents, maintain the adequacy of blood supply, and mobilize 143 volunteers to conduct cleanup efforts.

PRC maximizes its network of community volunteers through Red Cross 143 and Red Cross Youth programs to track down dengue and conduct clean-up efforts within a 400-meter radius where they are discovered.

“The real solution to dengue is a massive cleanup. The Red Cross is treating it as a national emergency because one dead is already one dead too many,” Gordon said.

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) formally unveiled two new ambulance units from the Security Bank Foundation, Inc. (SBFI) to further equip the organization’s emergency response efforts.

This brings the total number of ambulance units donated by SBFI over the past three years to five.

Chairman Richard Gordon, who led the turnover ceremony on Wednesday, said the additional ambulance units empower the Red Cross to assist more people affected by emergencies, such as fire incidents, vehicular crashes, medical emergencies, and disasters.

“As the preferred humanitarian partner, we assure SBFI that their support will reach the most vulnerable communities. This is a truly noble cause to help our countrymen in need of emergency medical services,” Gordon said as he expressed gratitude to SBFI Chairman Rafael Simpao, Jr. for consistently fueling the organization’s humanitarian drives.

The Red Cross has saved 1,889 people using the SBFI ambulances, including 674 people involved in road crash incidents and medical emergencies.

PRC, through its fleet of 154 ambulances, has rescued 46,451 individuals for 2019 alone.

Present during the turnover ceremony were PRC Secretary General Elizabeth Zavalla, Assistant Secretary General Ramon Murillo, Blood Services Director Dr. Christie Monina Nalupta, Safety Services Acting Manager Von Ryan Ong, and SBFI Vice President Melissa Aquino.

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) received a P5 million humanitarian contribution from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) to support the PRC’s ambulance services.

During the turnover ceremony, PRC Chairman Richard Gordon expressed his gratitude to BSP Governor Benjamin Diokno for helping the Red Cross in saving more individuals in times of emergencies.

“Thank you for always trusting the Philippine Red Cross. We always make sure that the money and donations we humbly receive will reach the most vulnerable,” Gordon said.

The humanitarian contribution is primarily for operational expenses of the Red Cross’ ambulance services, which provides free transport for individuals affected by disasters and emergencies.

This year alone, PRC has catered to 46,173 individuals through its ambulance service program.

For 14 years, PRC and BSP have been collaborating to address the pressing needs of the most vulnerable communities.

In 2018, BSP, under the leadership of then-governor Nestor Espenilla Jr., contributed P2 million for the Red Cross’ Blood Samaritan Program, a program that shoulders the blood processing fee of qualified indigent patients.

PRC and BSP also hold joint mass blood donation annually.

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