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Philippine Red Cross conducts mass MOA signing, honors blood service partners

With 62 partners who signed the memorandum of agreement and agreed to conduct mobile blood donation (MBD) activities every year, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) successfully held its 2017 Blood Service Partners’ Engagement Ceremony yesterday, at the Novotel Hotel in Quezon City.

PRC Chairman and CEO Richard Gordon graced the ceremonial signing along with the partner heads and officers from various companies and government agencies.

“We would like to thank all our blood donors and partners. You are enriching yourselves in terms of character, not money. When the world no longer watches, we do what must be done—that’s so important. When nobody is looking, we’re here to help and act,” said Gordon.

A total of 62 partners attended the collaboration to establish a regular MBD activity nationwide which will compliment its needs and requirements for the purpose of ready availability of blood anytime and anywhere.

With this year’s celebration of Blood Donors Month with a theme, “What Can You Do? Give Blood. Give Now. Give Often,” PRC unceasingly continue its mission to provide safe and quality blood and blood products to the countrymen, especially the most vulnerable.

In 2016, PRC has provided a total of 407,000 units of blood, representing 50% of the total national collection of all blood service facilities in the country and has assisted 223,000 patients served with blood supply.

PRC’s 87 blood service facilities, 26 blood centers, 10 aphaeresis centers, and 51 blood collecting units and blood stations nationwide can accommodate different blood services such as donor recruitment, retention and care, blood collection, testing, processing and blood issuance.