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National Blood Services - Programs and Activities

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Donor Recruitment
To meet the increasing demand for blood and augment the national blood requirement, the PRC conducts education and recruitment sessions to encourage regular voluntary blood donations from communities, different companies, organizations, colleges and universities nationwide. 
Blood Collection
With different PRC blood service facilities strategically located in the entire country, the PRC collects blood from voluntary, non-remunerated blood donors with their donations accounting to almost 50% share of the nation’s blood supply.
Blood Testing
To ensure that the blood collected is safe for transfusion, it is mandated that all units are tested for Malaria, Syphilis, Hepatitis B & C, Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 &2. All blood units found positive in any of the above-mentioned transfusion-transmitted infections are quarantined and re-tested. Blood units found to be positive twice are labeled “not for transfusion”. Those units are sent within 48 hours to the National Reference Laboratory for confirmatory testing.
Blood Component Processing
Whole blood donations are separated into components using a special equipment to generate one unit each of red blood cells, plasma and platelets. Thus, one donation can help save 3 lives.
Blood Storage and Issuance
Once blood is suitable for transfusion, blood is stored in a temperature controlled blood bank refrigerator. Clients or patients needing blood for transfusion may request from any PRC blood facilities upon presentation of blood request form issued by the hospital or physician.
Blood Donor Recognition
We have instituted different awards to recognize and thank individuals and different groups who untiringly help us attain our mission. Blood Galloner pins, certificates, medals and plaques are some of the tokens we issue during the annual Blood Donors Recognition Ceremony held every month July in celebration of the Blood Donors Month.
Blood Samaritan Program
In line with the mandate of the Philippine Red Cross, the organization shall provide blood assistance to all patients, those capable to pay and the INDIGENT patients.

The Blood Samaritan Program is aimed mainly to assist indigent patients needing blood transfusion. The PRC seeks kind-hearted individuals/groups that are willing to give financial donations to support the blood needs of the indigents. The donated money covers the payment of blood processing fees of legitimate indigent patients.

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