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Red Cross Youth Office

3/F PRC Bldg. Bonifacio Drive, Port Area, Manila

527-0000 loc 116 (Manager), 130 (Staff)
The Red Cross Youth is a dedicated service program of the Philippine Red Cross for young individuals aged 7-25 years old. Its mission is to harness the youth’s energy and idealism and provide opportunities to engage into humanitarian action and leadership roles.

It seeks to inculcate humanitarian values, instill the practice of a healthy lifestyle, enhance youth leadership through service delivery, and advocate national / international friendship.

Red Cross Youth volunteers are emerging leaders of the Red Cross who are educated and trained in various fields. These include subjects on humanitarian values and leadership, first aid, disaster risk reduction and health promotion.

Activities and Programs:

  - Developmental Training

      - Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle

      - International Friendship Program

      - Red Cross Youth 143

      - Junior First Aider’s Program

      - National Youth Congress

      - RCY Supercamp Philippines 

      - Chapter Youth Camps and Assemblies


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