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Social Services - Programs and Activities

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When HELP is needed, when faced with a crisis you alone cannot solve, the Red Cross could be the right agency to help you. The answer to your problem could be one of the SOCIAL SERVICES of the Red Cross. You can come to Red Cross for HELP.
The Social Services offers the following to people in urgent needs:
1. Guidance and Counseling – the professional advise given to people in crisis situation for the possible solution of their problem.
2. Psychosocial Support Program (PSP)/Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) - It is a program that prepares the community to be able to cope and manage their stress during disaster and it includes support and care activities that bring the people of the community together and build a network between the organizations that work in the area.
3.Tracing Service – assistance to locate displaced or missing person specifically a disaster that occurred either in the Philippines or in foreign country with whom contact or normal channels of communication have been cut off from their families.
4. Emergency Leave Assistance for Filipinos who are in the US Service - provision of health illness and death verification reports required by authorities as a basis for giving possible emergency leave grants to Filipino-US Servicemen.
5. Welfare Services for Vulnerable Groups.
a. Program for Women in Difficult Situation
b. Assistance for Overseas Filipino Workers
c. Assistance to Person with Disabilities
d. Assistance for Disaster Victims
         - Psychological First Aid
         - Tracing /Disaster Welfare Inquiry 
         - Counseling
         - Contact of relatives
         - Referral
6. Military Welfare Service -Pursuant to RA 95 Social Services extends a twin program which focuses on the welfare needs of members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and their dependents. It provides casework services, recreation therapy, benefits and claims assistance and skills training within the Armed Forces community. Likewise it helps promote Disaster Management Services, Safety Services, Blood Program, Community Health and Nursing Services and Red Cross Youth programs.
7. Family Visit Program for the detainees - a joint PRC and International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) program that provides free transportation and temporary shelter to family members who would like to visit their detained relatives in order to prevent family disintegration.
8. Intercountry Casework – assistance to individuals and families whose problem require an Intercountry approach.
9. Referral Service - clients whose needs are not within the scope of the Red Cross services are referred to appropriate agency.
9. Early Livelihood Recovery Program – the program aims to "put communities back onto their feet" by supporting restoration of livelihoods of the most vulnerable in the community. The focus is for a short-term immediate intervention. This entails the provision of a cash grant.
10. Hot Meals – is a feeding program that aims to alleviate human suffering and addresses malnutrition among calamity victims and the poor especially children.
11. Training Program
- Psychosocial Support Program (PSP) 
- Welfare Aide
- Technical Support to PRC chapters on case management

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