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Social Services

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Social Services
Welfare Service has been created to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable, adhering for the well-being of every individual and most especially promoting the inherent worth and dignity of a human being. The programs and services implemented focused on proactive approaches and strategies together with traditional reactive measures. Its vision is to be one of the most responsive services of the Philippine Red Cross which is concern primarily with organized social service activities aimed to facilitate and strengthen basic relationship and mutual adjustment between individual and of the society.VISIONSocial Services shall be one of the most responsive services…
When HELP is needed, when faced with a crisis you alone cannot solve, the Red Cross could be the right agency to help you. The answer to your problem could be one of the SOCIAL SERVICES of the Red Cross. You can come to Red Cross for HELP.The Social Services offers the following to people in urgent needs:1. Guidance and Counseling – the professional advise given to people in crisis situation for the possible solution of their problem.2. Psychosocial Support Program (PSP)/Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) - It is a program that prepares the community to be able to cope…

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